Eclipse (Anna Dushistova)

Eclipse was primarily not for Linux developers.

Eclipse not just integrates compiler and debugger, but also working with remote targets (Target Management provides Remote System Explorer, Target Communication Framework provides Target Explorer).

Codan: Code analysis framework. Does linting (cppcheck) within the IDE, configurable in preferences.

Doesn’t work well with cross-toolchain. Supported buildsystems: CDT make (doesn’t work well, not good for source distribution, cannot build several binaries; write an eclipse plugin that adds support for cross-compilation), standard make, autotools. With the latter two cross-compilation is doable, because it’s management by the external build system.

Remote Systems Explorer: stable, old project. Transport protocol agnostic. Does not support auto-discovery.

Target Explorer: Lightweight successor of RSE. Uses TCF protocol, assumes there’s a TCF agent on the remote host (cfr. gdbserver). Supports auto-discovery. Can transfer all the build artefacts to the target and then run. Can also transfer back. You get basically a GUI-ssh experience. The only thing you need to do is start the TCF daemon on the target (e.g. in init script).

LTTng tracing is supported with nice graphical output.

Anna herself doesn’t consider Eclipse a complete IDE, because it misses real build integration for embedded (you basically have to use an external build system to make it realistic).  So creating new source code doesn’t work well for cross-compilation.


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