State of the Linux union – Jim Zemlin

Tech industry is going through a disruptive change, which favours open source.

1.Cloud computing. For every dollar spent on cloud computing, $4 is not spent on traditional IT. With the huge number of servers deployed, nor having to deal with licenses per machine is ahuge advantage.
2. Enterprise computing is Linux and Windows, Unix is out..
3. Move to web application centric development (deployed in html5). These can run on any OS. In such an environment, free OWes win hands down.
4. Every phone developer is using open source except Microsoft and RIM.

Gaming industry: traditionally mainly on closed platforms, but innovation happens on PC. But now pc gaming is also moving to closed platforms, which is creating an opportunity for linux. We also see a huge move forward in games available for linux.

End of the os era. What is important now is that it runs on any type of hardware. Linux is reaching a tipping point here, also thanks to Android. As a result also data cents are moving to Linux.

Winners: service providers and open source. For all of the plumbing it is extremely beneficial to have an open meritocracy free of single corporate control.

1. The year of the Linux desktop. Though desktop is becoming less important, we shouldn’t give up on the desktop. Better alternatives to MS Office are emerging, and Linux games are improving. Also OEM support is improving.
2. We need more lawyers who understand open source and collaboration. Attorneys need to be educated and legal tools need to be developed collaboratively.
3. Talent war. Companies are willing to break the law to keep their devs. Half of the developers don’t work for their employer. Especially in automotive there’s a shortage.
History proves that we will be able to meet these challenges.


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