Addressing the long tail of applications – Anca Luca

Often you have some need and you’d like some software that does that for you. If there are many people with the same need, then there can be some proprietary or open source software that satisfies that need. However, if you have some very specific need or if the needs are very diverse, then at some point nobody is interested anymore in making that application.

XWiki allows people who don’t know to code to make an application for themselves. XWiki gives you some standard application, but also a tool to create your own applications. That gives you a visual canvas on which you can drag and drop UI elements. This constructs a form that fills in a database, and a home page with a table view. But it’s like a wiki, so anybody can edit, you have versioning, attachments, rich text, …

In addition, it is possible to share the application, to a local repository or the xwiki repository. Now other people can install it in their xwiki. The others can edit the application (i.e. change the form structure) and share their edits in true wiki fashion.

To import things into the application (e.g. from csv) you can install an extension (extensions do require coding).


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