An overview of Sozi – SVG-based zooming presentation software – Guillaume Savaton

Zooming presentations diverge completely from the traditional bullet-point based presentations. Traditional presentation material doesn’t work well because the audience cannot concentrate simultaneously on the text and on the talking. So Guillaume switched to using pictures almost all the time. However, static pictures tend to become very complex and they don’t give a good flow to the presentation.

Prezi is an alternative, but it is really really non-free (e.g. your data is no longer yours). So Guillaume developed Sozi as an alternative.

Sozi uses SVG as its foundation, so authors can use any drawing software to develop their base images.

For presentation, Sozi uses Javascript, so it can be displayed on any computer.

How to create a presentation?

  1. Draw the elements with your drawing software – everything on a single page.
  2. Delimit the frames with rectangles.
  3. Open the Sozi editor (inkscape extension) to give the frames the presentation information. This is recorded as custom elements in the SVG. The player itself is embedded as well as a script element.
  4. Open the SVG in the web browser and Bob’s your uncle.

The Sozi extension uses PyGTK for UI. However, what currently exists is not really great for making presentations – it’s a forms-based system, not visual at all. Also PyGTK is not maintained anymore. And it’s hard to install on non-Linux systems.

Sozi 14 will move from an inkscape extension to an HTML5-based UI. The nice thing is that it will be possible to share code between the editor and the player.


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