Open Source Backup: from Bacula to Bareos – Philipp Storz

Bareos is a fork of bacula, AGPLv3 licensed. It’s a network-based backup solution. Sourcecode is hosted at github. It was forked because bacula sees almost no development anymore (only 32 commits in the last 12 months, cfr. 300 the year before). Bacula does have a commercial branch which is developed, so it’s not really open source anymore.

Bareos does try to stay compatible with bacula, so existing installations can migrate easily. On the other hand, the configuration syntax is cleaned up (removing a lot of options that don’t help, and setting sane defaults).

Bareos also adds new features. For instance, moving data from one storage daemon to another one, so you can easily migrate backups between servers. Also better support for the filedaemon (= client) to be behind a firewall.


4 responses to “Open Source Backup: from Bacula to Bareos – Philipp Storz

  1. Did you mention Bareos took proprietary code from the Bacula commercial branch? One of their team worked for Bacula Systems for over a year, taking their code and working on Bareos at the same time. Theft as a servant.

  2. Ahhh, the speaker was Philipp Storz, part of the Bareos project. Now it’s beginning to make sense.

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