State of Firefox for Android – Chris Lord, Gian-Carlo Pascutto

This is the same presentation as last year, with “todo” replaced by “done”.

Home page (when you start the app) is designed to follow the Android style guidelines, with tabs for things like “recent” and “bookmarks”.

Private browsing is per tab, and indicated by making it black.

The tab bar has thumbnails. On a phone, they are organized vertically and use more space (almost the entire screen).

Firefox bundles a font that works well on small screens (ClearSans and Charill). In reader mode, you can switch between Serif and Sans.

Firefox Marketplace is integrated to download webapps, which are installed on your home screen.

WebRTC is integrated; it’s difficult to make it work well on all Android versions. Also rotating the camera turns out to be a problem.

Extensions to WebAPIs have not been done: gamepad because of lack of interest, Telephony because it would require scary permissions, push notifications because the specs are not clear enough yet.

<canvas> is optimised for games on the web.

Low precision rendering makes it possible to reduce rendering resolution to increase rendering speed. This is especially important on low-end devices, so when you scroll quickly it doesn’t stall or show a blank screen.

The mobile Firefox doesn’t support XUL for UI like on the PC, so none of the add-ons work. There is work in progress to allow Java-based add-ons, but that really doesn’t work well yet.

Guest browsing: allows you to give your tablet to someone else without them getting access to all your history etc.

Gecko is now cleanly separated from the UI (again), so it is possible to make other browsers base don Gecko, e.g. Kinderfox (focused at children).


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