The Service Enabling Wireless Network – Anthony C. K. Soong, Chief Scientist for Wireless Research and Standards at Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

Cooper’s law: exponential growth in wireless capacity over the years. This is mostly due to densification, i.e. smaller cells. On the other hand, we see exponential growth in the amount of traffic while the revenue from it is flattening – so telcos are forced to roll out new infrastructure without extra income. Open source can help to continue the growth in traffic.

Wireless network are really bad, with bit error rates of something like 10^-3. However, the applications that run on top of it just blindly send out packets and hope for the best. If the wireless stack would give more data to the upper layers, maybe they could be smarter about what they do so they can work more efficiently.

We can use more of the spectrum. There are still some (not many) unused areas of spectrum; we should use licensed and unlicensed spectrum together for optimal performance; we can use unused licensed spectrum, e.g. the Navy radar isn’t used on land, and anyway it’s a narrowbeam short-burst use.

Signalling traffic is growing much faster than data traffic. It’s of course still a lot less, but it becomes important.

The current core network is not scalable because it’s centralized: all signalling and data goes through a few gateways. So the functions should be put closer to the edge of the network.

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