odpdown – markdown to slides – Thorsten Behrens

This was a 10 minute demo of odpdown (python code on github). The slides look like your usual ODP slides. Thorsten wrote it to be able to create more and nicer slides in less time.

  • Create something quickly from a text editor, like you would do with beamer or pandoc;
  • but let it blend nicely with existing ODP/PPT slides and templates.

Just use markdown text (using mistune python package).

It’s really useful if you have code fragments, which is really easy to do (including highlighting) in markdown, but really painful in Impress.

First-level headers generate break slides, using a different master page. Second level headers are slide titles. You can embed images with a subtitle, hyperlink and alt text, which is also easier than doing it in ODP (you usually don’t do links and alt texts).

Text will be autofitted, so if it doesn’t fit on the page the font will be reduced.

When calling odpdown, you give it a template odp file, which used for the slide masters but also any existing slides are preserved – you specify on the command line at which position the odpdown slides have to be inserted. The result is a plain old ODP file so you can use it for anything you like or do visual formatting.


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