A New Patchwork – Stephen Finucane

Currently, the overview shows subject, submitter, reviews and status. You can also download patches and create bundles of related patches which can be manipulated together.

Stephen has been very active on patchwork for 18 months.

The main new development at the moment is the checks feature, i.e. CI integration, that allows to show test results together with the patch.

There is also a design rework ongoing, using HTML5 and CSS.

When Stephen started working on patchwork, most of the code hadn’t been touched since 2008. He did a lot of cleanups, dead code removal, documenting, supporting python3 and Django 1.8.

Delegate feature has been recently updated to have module identification, and there are patches on the list to improve the delegation feature.

For the future, we want the functionality of gerrit and github but without being forced into that kind of workflow.

An important feature to be added is patch series, allowing you to navigate between related patches and apply them together. The Message-Id, In-Reply-To and References headers allow you to identify the series; git and mercurial create these headers. But things start to get difficult when there are versions. They can be sent as a completely new series (easy to support). But sometimes someone else will create a v2, or the patch changes a lot, and that’s a lot more difficult to get right from a tool.

Patchwork currently uses an XMLRPC API, this is oldworldish, it should move to a REST API. But we have to make sure that patchwork still works on old distros so you can’t always rely on all packages. REST API will make it easier to integrate in e.g. a statistics dashboard.



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