Running the Processing environment on ARM SBCs – Gottfried Haider

Processing is a (GPL, github) sketchbook and language to learn how to code, primarily targeted at design and art schools. It is based on Java, but there are also p5.js and ports. The code is just java, Processing adds a lot of pre-imported libraries to do drawing, interaction, motion, typography, …

The UI is similar to Arduino, because Arduino started from the Processing concepts.

Processing makes a lot of assumptions of the underlying OS, e.g. JNI use was not multi-arch aware but tied to x86. Gottfried ported Processing to an RPi (and implicitly, any ARMv6) as part of a GSoC project. RPi was chosen because it is cheap enough that you can leave it in a setup to keep on showing it (e.g. as part of an art project). And it’s much more powerful than an AVR. Other than the JNI porting the main thing is porting to GLES2 instead of So they switched to Newt as the platform-independent windowing system.

So now Processing 3.0.1 runs on RPi with the closed source GLES2 driver. Eric Anholt is in progress to make it work with DRM/Mesa as well. You can compile your application and run the jar file on the RPi. It also has a hardware I/O library to access the pin headers, serial port, i2c, spi, LED, pwm. What is missing: Software PWM, configuring pull-ups (i.e. userspace pinctl), make pwm class trigger uevents (bug?), getting the GPIO number corresponding to a specific PWM channel. So this wishlist is all kernel stuff :-).


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