FreedomBox, liberty inside the cloud – Ruben Lubbes

Ruben is not a coder.

FreedomBox was inspired by the 2011 speech @FOSDEM by Eben Moglen about why political freedom depends on software freedom. It allows people to take their freedom in their own hands. It’s a small box that you can buy at a reasonable price (based on BBB or Olimex boards) that runs a pure Debian distro. Next step is to add new tools from Debian in the freedombox-setup UI.

freedombox-setup is included in stretch, but there are still improvements needed. There are still situations where you need to use the command line. Many tools should still be added. It also still doesn’t have an e-mail server and Ruben doubts if we really want it, because e-mail is and should be dying.

If you want to add software that is not packaged for Debian yet, you can add a module to the plinth web interface. Or you can make a derived distro.

Ruben invites people to come to the SHA2017 hacker summercamp in The Netherlands.


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