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Testing of Open Source Embedded Systems

While developing software for an embedded system, you want to be sure that you’re going in the right direction and that you don’t break things. Testing the software is the easiest way to get feedback about the code you’ve written. However, the developer has to find a good balance between time spent on testing and time spent on development. As consultants for embedded open source technologies, we at Mind encounter many different approaches to testing with our customers. This article structures these varied experiences and combines best practices, techniques and tools, with a focus on embedded open source software.

I presented this content at the Embedded Linux Conference – Europe, 2010 in Cambridge. Slides are available in PDF and in ODP format.  They are CC-BY, so you can reuse them if you like.

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The embedded FOSS software development process toolbox

Like any software, the embedded software development process needs to be supported by development and maintenance practices. In the first part we saw why in modern embedded systems the use of Free and Open Source Software can no longer be ignored, and the difficulties this introduces in the software development process. In the next part, we’ll look at testing, debugging and optimization. In this part, we look at the software development process support tools that are suitable for embedded system development with FOSS. These include version control systems, issue tracking systems, documentation systems, managing the build process, and managing releases. Bringing these practices together allows you to deal efficiently with FOSS in your embedded software development.
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