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Barebox and the bootloader specification – Sasha Hauer (Pengutronix)

In current ARM bootloaders, you have bootloader scripts to find the kernel and boot it. However, these scripts are completely different for different boards. Ubuntu and other distros for instance has completely different boot scripts for different boards. There is no generic support for all boards, like is the case for kernel and rootfs. It also makes it impossible to update the kernel in a generic way, because different boot scripts expect different names for instance. And it also makes it difficult to have multiple distros on a single system.

To fill this gap, there should be a single boot loader specification that tells bootloaders and distros how they should interact with each other. In fact, this does exist for PC in the BootLoaderSpec on freedesktop.org. Although it is meant for PC, we can use it for ARM as well.

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SPDX and the Yocto Project – Mark Hatle (Wind River)

License compliance is a problem for many companies. The Linux Foundation sponsors the SPDX project to standardize communication about licenses, and the yocto project is adding functionality to create SPDX files.

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Using and Understanding the Real-Time Cyclictest Benchmark – Frank Rowand (Sony)

Cyclictest is the one benchmark that RT people jump to when evaluating the RT performance of a system. It’s a relatively simple test, but drawing conclusions from its results can be challenging.

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Running Code in the Android Stack – Karim Yaghmour (Opersys)

This talk goes over the different ways that you can run code on an Android system. It’s a big stack, so there are many places to do it: for most situations, you can add your own code almost anywhere.

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Keynote – Embedded Build Systems Panel – Tim Bird (Sony); Ross Burton (Intel); Thomas Petazzoni (Free Electrons); Karim Yaghmour (Opersys); Moderator: Jeff Osier-Mixon (Intel)

After introducing each of the build systems, the panel answers questions from the audience.

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Common Display Framework, Tomorrow’s Linux Kernel Display Architecture – Laurent Pinchart

CDF is a never-ending story: it started over a year ago, and all the time people are coming with new ideas and improvements, but this is not getting the project to make progress. This will be the last talk, next time it will either be “OK it’s accepted in the kernel” or “Forget it”.

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EFL – A UI Toolkit Designed for the Embedded World – Tom Hacohen (Samsung)

Enlightenment started in 1996 as a window manager, got split up into libraries, and was always targeted at low-end devices. Improving all the time on speed, memory and power consumption. Guiding principles: choice/configurability, efficiency but keep eye candy, portability, and a sense of humour. EFL is used in constrained embedded products like regrigerators.

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