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Using ELBE to Build Debian Based Embedded Systems – Manuel Traut, Linutronix

When building for embedded systems, you don’t want to create and maintain yet another distro (yocto, buildroot), but rely on the maintainers of an existing one, e.g. Debian.

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Linux DRM: New Picture Processing API – Marek Szyprowski, Samsung Electronics Polska

DRM = Direct Rendering Manager = framework for display related drivers. Samsung wants to extend it with support for some picture processing steps.

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Open-Source Tools for FPGA Development – Marek Vašut, DENX Software Engineering

What tools are needed for FPGA development, and what is available in open source? Why is there so little in open source?

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GPIO for Engineers and Makers – Linus Walleij

Linus is the maintainer of the GPIO subsystem. What has happened since the gpiolib subsystem was introduced in 2006?

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Update on Shared Logging between the Kernel and the Bootloader – Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics, Inc

This is an update of the talk Sean gave in Dublin ELC-E 2015. Sean revived the shared logging work from earlier implementations. Shared logging means that the kernel can access the logs of the bootloader and vice versa, and this over multiple boot cycles. A debugging tool for helping to debug the boot.

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Modernizing the NAND Framework: The Big Picture – Boris Brezillon, Free Electrons

Boris is working on various aspects of MTD (NAND drivers, UBI, UBIFS) and is reworking some of the infrastructure. With this talk, he wants to explain his plans and get feedback on them.

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The Internet of Things and Life Beyond Linux – Wolfgang Mauerer, Technical University Regensburg/Siemens AG

What are the changes that Linux has to face to deal with IoT devices? What alternatives to Linux are usable today (i.e., open source :-).


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